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It is a full blown application about the (Soccer / Football) FIFA World Cup 2006, filled with the FIFA 2006 complete tournament data! It s very easy to use, and professional! You can find pictures and all relevant information about your favorite players (such as height and weight, current club, date of birth, etc...) and teams, and get all the accompanying info, as well as interesting facts and numbers about previous world cups and the FIFA, and the game of Soccer / Football. The Fifa World Cup 2006 Application includes: A full-featured Database System that allows you to add your own teams and information!The full list of the participating teams, by group.Information and pictures about each team.Information and pictures about the 20 top-ranked players, participating in the FIFA World Cup 2006 tournament.Information and pictures about the stadiums where the games will be played.General information about FIFA, the games and interesting historical facts. There will be ongoing updates to this application, on each Monday, until the end of World Cup 2006, and even after!The features expected within this month are quite amazing!!! They include: - The capability to enter the results of a game and an automatic report that calculates the points, goals and fixtures. - The eight groups, with the tables of current fixtures, which can be modified whenever you enter new or expected results. - The existence of a report which specifies the ranking of the top scorers in the tournament, based on the entry of their goal scores in each match. You can check out everything at:

Systems: Windows

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